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Prepare to walk in your God-given destiny
Learn how to live the life you’ve always dreamed of
Increase your knowledge of God’s Word
Harness the power of God to achieve success
Understand how the promises of God ensure your success

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This book is written for those who believe that anything is possible. The secret to success is to know that all you can think or imagine for yourself, anything you want to achieve, is already accomplished. You just have to be willing to own your own destiny, to become your greatest self. In this teaching, you will discover the 7 Oracles of Success that you can lay hold of and build the foundation of your life upon to ensure your success.

Table of Contents

1 Intro: What Is True Success?

2 His Will Above All

3 Faith Like A Child

4 Work Hard

5 Believe In Your Dreams

6 Fight For Your Future

7 Change Is Growth

8 Humility Brings Divine Strength

The book in numbers



Unlock the mysteries of God to achieve with divine power

Powerful Oracles

Fresh revelations on how to achieve unprecedented success

About The Author

Jacqueline Maddison is a born-again Christian entrepreneur and global evangelist teaching others about the great love and power of God through the revelation of Jesus Christ. She is also Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine, and CEO of Tigress Films, a television & film production company in Beverly Hills. She has also founded The God Foundation, a Charitable Judeo-Christian Church Ministry dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and Gifts of Devotion to the underprivileged all over the world. She writes inspirational Christian and motivational success books based on biblical principles giving readers a strong foundation upon which to build their lives.

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7 Oracles of Success

Live Your Dream Life

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